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Go Zero Charge Partnership Program

An EV charging solution that unlocks £27 million+ for car dealers & leasing firms.

At Go Zero Charge, we are excited to announce the launch of our new partnership program, which offers car dealerships and leasing firms the chance to unlock £27 million+ in potential extra revenue by selling our home charger units with EV vehicles. Many companies selling or leasing electric vehicles do not yet sell home EV chargers with the vehicle, but with our complete EV charging solution, we offer an easy and effective route to capturing that potential revenue.

The Potential of Selling Home EV Chargers

According to data from 2022, there were 267,203 new and 71,071 used battery electric vehicle (BEV) transactions recorded in the UK. Go Zero Charge conservatively estimates that 80% of those would be leads for a home EV charger sale. As such, car dealerships and leasing firms are collectively missing out on potential commission-driven revenue of £27 million.

Industry Leading Commission Structure

Our trade partnership offering comes with industry-leading commission rates, which differs from other EV charger firms that only offer trade customers units at wholesale prices. Our commission structure offers revenue to match the profitability of a wholesale model with zero risk, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

The Optimus, our smart EV home charger, comes with cutting-edge software that enables unparalleled reliability. The charger features a health check system that monitors every device over a network every 60 seconds, optimising the charging experience for the user.

A Partnership with Everything you Need

Go Zero Charge vows to take all the hassle out of the EV charger unit sales process by providing dealer and leasing partners with everything they need. This includes .

Go Zero Charge offers dealerships and leasing companies a complete EV charging solution, from providing point-of-sale (POS) materials, a series of videos to educate both sales teams and customers on EVs and charging, as well as the creation of dual-branded landing pages, affiliate tracking for marketing materials, and an API integration directly into key platforms and a nationwide installation service for customers.

Trade partners can even access our in-house sales team, engaging them to follow leads and increase conversion rates. The nationwide installation service, facilitated via a partnership with Roamler, means that dealers and leasing partners are not restricted.

Trusted Industry Partners

Recognised industry partners are already placing their trust in Go Zero Charge, including the BVRLA, Fords of Winsford, and Britannia Car Leasing. Auto Data Solutions (ADS) facilitates the delivery of our EV charging solution into dealerships and leasing firms.

“We are very excited by the opportunity to work alongside the team at Go Zero Charge. From our research, many companies are shying away from selling a home charger at the same time as an EV, as they see it as too difficult, and there isn’t enough in it for them. Go Zero Charge makes it really easy and pays great commission, so what’s not to love about that!”

Jon Sheard, Operations Director at Auto Data Solutions.

Become a Partner Today

Partnering with Go Zero Charge presents an opportunity for car dealerships and leasing companies to tap into the expanding EV market and unlock new revenue streams seamlessly. Contact ADS today to learn more and get started without any hassle.

Peter O'Brien
Peter O'Brien

A former petrol head turned EV lover, "it's not all about the power but it helps"

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