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The EV charger for Airbnb & holiday homes.

Custom made for Airbnb & Vrbo holiday home owners.

Optimus EV Car Charger with Airbnb Vrbo and Sonder Holiday Home Logos

As EVs become more popular, the demand for EV charging points at holiday homes is increasing quickly. Many guests now travel to their chosen Airbnb or Vrbo holiday destination in their electric vehicle, so it is becoming more important that the property offers them the ability to charge their car via EV Smart Charger.

Key benefits of offering an EV charging point:

Stop paying for your guests EV Fuel Bill.

Otherwise they are likely to charge the car very, very slowly via a basic 3 pin plug charger – the problem there is, as the holiday home owner they will be leaving you with a much larger electricity bill – hence why it is so important to the ever growing number of EV car owner guests at your properties.

Custom made for holiday home owners.

The Optimus has been custom made to support holiday home owners, this is in part because our CEO has a lovely one in Cornwall, and he wanted to make sure he both supported EV car owners and the environment without having to pay for their Electric Cars fuel bill.

The Optimus EV charger comes with a very clever App as standard, and within this very easy to use App there is a ‘Holiday Home’ mode. When turned on (by the home owner) this emails a QR code that the guest can scan that allows them use the full 7.4kW charger neatly installed on the side of the house or garage – this is over 3x faster than any 3-pin charger, super simple to use and still very cheap for the guests to fill their car.

Holiday Home with Model S Tesla and Go Zero Optimus EV Car Charger Plugged in

Making money on every EV car ‘fill up’.

Every time a guest uses the charger you will make money for every kWh they use, how much per kWh is down to your settings (in the App) this means that you not only cover your electricity but you are now turning a profit on the electricity they put in their EV car.

Stand out & attract even more bookings with an EV car charger.

In 2022 the UK market share of full electric vehicles raised to 16.9% and if anything the rate that people are moving to EV is surpassing all previously held expectations, as more people are becoming aware of the benefits of electric cars and escaping the costs of petrol and diesel.

So with competition on across the UK for holiday homes growing alongside the EV growth it really is a great idea to have an EV car charger in your holiday home. It will certainly attract more bookings from people who own electric cars, but it also shows that you’re environmentally friendly and that you’re committed to helping reduce emissions.

Black Ev C

Property vacant, no problem! You can make more money then too.

Making money even when you don’t have any guests is the one of the very other unique feature the Optimus EV Charger offers holiday home owners.

When the property is vacant you can turn your ‘Holiday Home’ mode off and place the Home charger on the Go Zero EV Charging Network – this now means that people can, if you so choose, can reserve a time slot (and you control the schedule at all times) and can then arrive and charge their car.

We have found that this is especially popular in rural areas where there are a great deal fewer fast or Superchargers – but even then our findings have shown that people prefer to less rapid chargers as they do less/no damage to the life of an EV car battery.

The upshot here is that when your house is not filled with couples or families it can become a parking spot that people flock to from miles around and most importantly they pay to be there, and over even a year this can really add up.

Depending on where you are and how much you charge for your electricity per kWh (because you control the extra costs remember) then it is not beyond reason for the charger to pay for itself in the first year of having it.

Support your EV guests needs.

Electric Vehicle (EV) owners face unique needs when it comes to charging their cars when away from their homes. They don’t know which chargers that are local actually work or how much they charge. Your establishment can support these needs by providing their charging stations needs, promoting green transportation all whilst making a small profit.

The Optimus Vs. other EV home chargers for your holiday rental.

There are a growing range of home EV chargers that you could also look into – we recommend that you do, most are around the same price, although some are nearly double the cost especially when you look in more detail and the installation costs.

However, all of them leave you, as the owner of the holiday home with the same problem – they leave you paying for your guests EV fuel bill – and the Optimus stops that in its tracks.

Tuen on Holiday Airbnb Mode and Make Money from your EV Car Charger

The Optimus EV Charger is the only EV charger on the market today that delivers simple to use functionality that empowers (literally) your guests with electric vehicles and moreover you are rewarded financially for an amenity that helps them to be green.

It is also currently the only EV charger that comes with an on site survey provided free of charge with our installation package, this is to help ensure you have an accurate quote for the cost of installation (note this done by us and is without any obligation). And beyond that it even comes with a full no questions asked money back ‘happiness guarantee‘ should you change your mind after the survey.

Tariffs & how we pay you.

When you set your Optimus to holiday home mode or connect it to the Go Zero Charge network, you are effectively selling your electricity, which naturally allows you to make a profit. If your electricity rate per kWh is, say, 35p, then you can add an extra charge of 5p, 10p, 15p, or even up to 30p (for example) on top of that tariff. This extra charge will be your profit for every kWh used.

Please note that for public charging, there is a network transaction fee of 6p per kWh (inclusive of VAT). This fee ensures that our network operates on a pay-as-you-use model, eliminating monthly subscription costs for the owner. These fees are only applicable to the public charging tariffs. If you use your own charger directly, then no fees apply.

Optimus 7.4kW EV Charger - Right with holster

The Optimus EV charger (that can pay for itself):

  • A ‘Type 2’ connector which supports an estimated 99% of all EV cars in the UK
  • 7.4kW SmartCharger (3x faster than a 3-pin – great for guests).
  • Simple to use smart phone App (with controls for owner & guests separately).
  • 3 years’ warranty as standard.
  • Holiday home mode with owner managed finance markup controller (per kWh in App)
  • Network & scheduled reservation mode – making money even when the property is vacant.
  • The Optimus EV costs £749 for the untethered model (without cable recommended for Airbnbs).
  • You can install the charger using your own electrician or use our nationwide installation team.
  • Also comes with a money back happiness guarantee after your free survey if you are not happy!
  • Take a look at the Optimus EV Charger in more detail.
David Wells

Go Zero CEO & electric car enthusiast (to put it mildly) & EV driver since 2015

Our Happiness Guarantee**

Our free home survey means your installation quote is always accurate, ensuring no hidden or surprise costs on the day of your installation.

If your were unhappy with the cost of the installation we will offer to cancel the order and arrange a full refund – no questions asked.

**On completion of the site survey

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