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Go Zeros feature rich EV charger App.

Delivering powerful benefits to our customers.

The-APP An EV charger with a truly Feature that benefits its customers beyond basic scheduling and data

Optimus The EV charger with a heart (beat)

Your EV charger quickly becomes integral to your home when you have an electric vehicle, which is why we gave ours a heart, more specifically a heartbeat – this allows us to give the charger a (very regular) health. The Optimus EV charger is connected to the Go Zero servers and from here every 60 seconds, a heartbeat and live status are ‘pinged’ via the charger and are sent out to your App. So you can always see that your charger is always functioning correctly. This real-time information is displayed in the Optimus dashboard within your Go Zero Charge app.

Optimus is connected to the Go Zero server through your home wifi or 4G connection and controlled directly from your smartphone app at all times.

And if anything should go wrong it lets us and our customer support team know, so we’ll be in contact with you directly – probably before you know there was even a mild issue – real peace of mind.

Create a sharing schedule in app in hand on white 980x462

Use intelligent scheduling & lower your electricity bills.

If you own an electric vehicle, you’ll know one of the most important things to remember is when to charge your EV car. You don’t want to be caught without a charge, but also, you may not want to charge your electric car in the more expensive peak hours. So how do you find the right balance?

From our smartphone app, you can set up multiple electric car charging schedules, setting the Optimus home EV charger to start and stop when required. For example, suppose you have an intelligent energy tariff or an economy seven tariff. In that case, you may want to begin the Optimus EV charger when electricity is at its lowest and then stop it when it returns to the higher price.

The Go Zero app will calculate how many miles you will add, the cost of the charge (on both tariffs), and automatically carry our starting and stopping your Optimus EV charger whilst you sleep.

You sleep, your electric car charges, and you save, quite a lot, of money!


Track your electricity spend & usage in real-time.

If you want to be more energy-efficient, it helps to know how much electricity you use in your electric vehicle. That’s where the Go Zero Charge App comes in; set your day and night electricity tariffs, and the app then tracks every kWh added to your EV in real time.

Review your EV charging cost, the number of kWhs added, and see clearly when you charge the most during the day or night—all through simple and easy-to-understand charts.

Earn-Money in App in hand on white BG 980x462

Share your Optimus on the GZC network & earn money – simple as that!

With the Optimus EV charger it has a fantastic capability where you have the option to share your charger on our public Go Zero charging network and earn money, this is a simple toggle (on/off) control but it also comes with powerful scheduling capabilities as well.

When you share your Optimus EV charger, you can set the price per kWh and choose schedule when it’s available to the public. Then, people can reserve it in advance, and we (Go Zero) pay you through your App. It really is extremely simple for you to earn money from your home electric vehicle charger when you are not using it yourself.

You will receive reservations for your charger through the Go Zero App. This means people can reserve the charge in advance for a charging session. This is useful to ensure that your EV charger is available when someone needs it the most.

The App with a Airbnb & holiday home mode
An EV charger for Airbnb & holiday homes

The enterprising new ‘holiday home’ mode.

The Optimus EV also has holiday home mode, for Airbnb & holiday homeowners. Here there is a dedicated mode, this is custom made for holiday homeowners or for people who may let their property (whilst they are on holiday for example) and earn money from their guests who have EV cars that they need to charge.

If you don’t want to put your house on Airbnb whilst your away on holiday for a couple of weeks, the public network capabilities means that you can easily turn your driveway into a much-needed fuelling station for EV cars around you.

We have found that especially in urban or even very rural areas where some EV drivers cannot for a many reasons get a get a home charge point, our customers have in some cases quickly become a small communities new best friend, all whilst earning money for every kWh used – so regardless of the cost of electricity you will be helping EV drivers in a fantastic green way that also starts to deliver you a nice little earner – just for being awesome and sharing your Optimus EV.

Turning Your Electricity into Profits.

By putting your Optimus device into holiday home mode or linking it to the Go Zero Charge network, you are effectively turning your electricity supply into a source of income. If your current electricity rate per kWh is, let’s say, around 35p, you can opt to add a surcharge – of 5p, 10p, 15p, or even up to 30p – over your existing tariff. This additional fee becomes your profit for each kWh consumed by the user.

Please be aware that a network transaction fee of 6p per kWh (inclusive of VAT) is applied for public charging. This fee allows our network to operate based on a usage-dependent model, thus eliminating any regular subscription costs for you as the owner. Remember, these charges apply exclusively to public charging tariffs. If you decide to use your personal charger, these additional fees are not applicable.

Peter O'Brien
Peter O'Brien

A former petrol head turned EV lover, "it's not all about the power but it helps"

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