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Optimus, the EV charger that earns you money.

We're serious, it really can make you money back!

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road increases, the demand for more EV charging options increases. However, many people don’t have a driveway or garage where they can install a charger, making it challenging to keep their car charged. Even when away from home, public EV charging should be simple for people to use; sadly, this is not the case today. 

Homes without driveways, people travelling away from home or on holiday, and the lack of rural and destination EV charging shouldn’t be significant barriers to owning an electric vehicle. There are several ways to charge an electric car, and here at Go Zero, we are developing EV charging solutions to help everyone. Keep reading to find out more.

Set sharing reservations  - Earn Money from your EV Car Charger

Share your Optimus on Go Zero’s public charging network

Share and receive charging reservations

When you share your EV charger, you can set the price per kWh and choose when it’s available. Then, people can reserve it in advance, and we (Go Zero) pay you through our App. You can earn money from your home electric vehicle charger without using it yourself.

You will receive reservations for your charger through the Go Zero App. This means people can reserve the charge in advance for a charging session. This is useful to ensure that your EV charger is available when someone needs it the most.

You’re in control when you share

You choose when you want to share your charger with others. You can set your sharing schedule so that you’re only sharing when it’s convenient for you. This is a great way to ensure that you’re never without a charge, and it also helps you to be more environmentally friendly by sharing your EV charger with others.

Overall, it is essential to be in control when sharing your EV charger with others. This means being aware of who is charging and when and being able to manage the charging process. By being in control, you can ensure that everyone has a good experience and that the charger is used efficiently.

See who has reserved your EV Car Charger - sharing EV Charger will generate direct income to you as the owner of the charger

See who has reserved your EV charger

The Go Zero app allows EV owners to see who has already reserved their EV charger.

Each charger reservation includes the name, contact information, vehicle make, model and registration of the person who has reserved your charger. This is helpful if you need to contact the person about their reservation.

Help fellow EV drivers charge

That own an EV but cannot charge at home

EV drivers close to you may live in apartments, have only access to on-street parking, or have a home with a driveway but cannot install a charger. By sharing your Optimus home EV charger, these people can reserve regular and frequent charging from you when it’s convenient—earning you money while you provide a valuable EV charging solution to local people.

People who are visiting family and friends

Fellow EV drivers visiting family and friends locally may need to top up their charge or fill up overnight; you can make this possible by sharing your Optimus EV to the Go Zero network and help to stop any charging anxiety that they would otherwise of had.

People who are on holiday

Suppose you live in AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) or tourist hotspots around the UK. Often in these areas there is a real lack of EV charging infrastructure, with the Optimus EV you can help people charge their electric vehicles whilst you are on holiday and earn money. 

You can become a Go Zero destination charger by sharing your Optimus EV on the Go Zero Network, this will help people top up their charge or fill up overnight provide a valuable EV charging solution to people on holiday and in your area and makes you a profit, a great win-win.

The Go Zero EV charging network provides peace of mind

Reserving the charger in advance gives the EV driver total confidence; the EV charger is available for their sole use, is working and is a fair market price.

As the owner and sharer of your home Optimus EV charger, you’ll know who’s coming, when, and how long they are charging. Peace of mind for you whilst earning money from your charger.

Profit from Your Electricity supply with the Optimus EV Charger.

When your Optimus device is set to holiday home mode or linked to the Go Zero Charge network, you are effectively monetising your electricity supply. If your standard electricity rate is, say, around 35p per kWh, you have the flexibility to add an extra charge – 5p, 10p, 15p, or potentially up to 30p on top of your existing tariff. This additional charge to the user becomes your profit with every kWh of electricity they charge with.

Please remember that for public charging, a network transaction fee of 6p per kWh (inclusive of VAT) is applied. This fee facilitates the operation of our network on a pay-per-use model, thereby eliminating any regular subscription costs for you as the owner. These charges are only applicable to the public charging tariffs. If you choose to use your personal charger, these fees do not apply.

The Optimus EV Charger on white background

The Optimus EV charger:

  • A ‘Type 2’ connector which supports 99% of EV cars in the UK.
  • 7.4kW SmartCharger (3x faster than a 3-pin).
  • Simple to use smartphone App.
  • 3 years’ warranty as standard.
  • The cost is £799 includes a free home survey for installation.
  • It also comes with a money back happiness guarantee after your free survey if you are not happy!
  • The Optimus EV is the only charger that offers you the ability to make money and pay for itself.
David Wells

Go Zero CEO & electric car enthusiast (to put it mildly) EV driver since 2015

Our Happiness Guarantee**

Our free home survey means your installation quote is always accurate, ensuring no hidden or surprise costs on the day of your installation.

If your were unhappy with the cost of the installation we will offer to cancel the order and arrange a full refund – no questions asked.

**On completion of the site survey

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